Armageddon Supremacy tour 2017

Armageddon Supremacy tour 2017

IMPIETY - black/death metal (SIN)
Hailing from Singapore, IMPIETY have spread their sinister and vicious blackened death metal around the world since 1990. One of the leading bands from South East Asia with 8 studio albums and several other releases under their belt.
The band has toured all around the world, from Europe to North America, from China and India to Australia, never leaving their audiences untouched! FInally back on European soil for some rare & exclusive shows!!

WORMWOOD - melodic black metal (SWE)
Melodic black metal with a dose of rock 'n' roll - from Stockholm, Sweden. Debut album out now through Non Serviam Records.

ASAGRAUM - black metal (NOR)
All-female black metal band originally from Norway. Pure satanic black metal - in all its aspects - with an oldschool feeling mixed with some dark psychedelic influences. Debut album out in the spring 2017.

BODE PRETO - black metal (BRA)
True Brazilian terror 3-piece similar to Sarcofago and Grave Desecrator! Latest mindcrusching album "Mystic Massacre" was released in 2016 through Iron Tyrant.

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Názov: Armageddon Supremacy tour 2017

Mesto: PRAHA

Klub/miesto: Modrá Vopice

Dátum: 05.10.2017

Začiatok: 19:30

Vstupné: 370 Kč předprodej / 420 Kč na místě

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19:30 - 20:05 / BODE PRETO
20:25 - 21:05 / ASAGRAUM
21:25 - 22:10 / WORMWOOD
22:30 - 23:35 / IMPIETY

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